Light requirements of African violets

African violets need a lot of light to bloom a lot. The light has to be bright, but direct sun will burn the leaves. Ideally,  African violets need 12-14 hours of light a day. Let’s have a look at some of the possible lighting options:

1) A window that is bright but not sunny. To ensure symmetrical growth, turn the violets regularly.

2) A sunny, but not hot, window with a sheer curtain diffusing the light. As with option 1, to ensure symmetrical growth, turn the violets regularly.

3) Fluorescent lamps:

• 3a. Long classroom-style lamps. Turning the plants is not necessary for ensuring symmetry when using lamps above your violets.

• 3b. CFL lamps (energy saving light bulbs from your local supermarket). This is a good affordable option for supplementing insufficient window light (eg if your window is not bright enough in winter). Get a couple of light bulbs – one in cool daylight,  another in warm white.

4) LED lights. I personally never used specialty LED growing lamps, so can’t offer much advice on those at this point. However, I have been successfully using white LED strip lights on part of my collection.

Disclaimer: As with all things electrical, if using lamps, make sure you do so safely. The author of the blog will not be responsible for the safety and potential consequences of using your set-up and is not qualified to provide health and safety advice.