African violet suckers – what are they and how to use them in propagation

A sucker is basically a second crown growing on an African violet. If your variety is not a trailer, suckers need to be removed so they don’t steal the energy from the first crown and don’t distort the growth and symmetry of your plant. When you remove them, you can give them a chance to become an independent separate plant:

1) Separate a sucker from the mother plant

2) Place it into a pot with damp African violet potting mix

3) Place the pot into a “greenhouse” for a few weeks.

4) After the babies lived in the “greenhouse” independently for a few weeks, gradually expose them to a non-greenhouse environment

5) Wait for your baby violets to grow up and become beautiful blooming plants.

The timeframe of this process depend on the size of the sucker at the time of it’s separation from the mother plant.